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What Can Xerox Machines Do?

Many things have improved since technology has been developed, and many things are easier to do since the equipment has been upgraded to keep up with the kit. One machine that significantly improves is the printers and copiers. They have improved so much that they can perform many tasks previously only with different machines. With these improvements, the workflow goes smoothly and functions efficiently. Some of what Xerox machines can do has been compiled for you.

Duplex Printing

With duplex printing, you don’t have to wait for your printouts to finish before flipping the papers manually so that the other side can be printed. Duplex printing lets you relax while working because it would do the flipping automatically, and you won’t have to stop what you are currently doing as the process would be continuous. You won’t even notice that your printouts have finished printing back to back. Aside from saving energy and smoothing out the workflow process, you can also save on papers for printing so you can use the remaining money saved for other necessary things needed inside the company.


As a user, you want something worth the money you paid for. One of the features Xerox machines have is multifunction. You can use it to print, scan, fax, send an email, and even save your documents on its internal drive for easier access whenever you need them. With this feature, you won’t have to go from one place to another just to finish your tasks. You only have to remember a few buttons that can help you use the feature you need, and there is no need to memorize a lot of user manuals for different kinds of devices to finish your workload for the day.

Secure Printing

One of the things that a user wants when it comes to their device is the security it gives whenever they use it. They want a device that can keep their important files kept securely. With the Xerox machine, their machines have been integrated with secure encryption, allowing the employees to have peace of mind as they can keep their documents in the machine’s internal drive. Still, no one can access it without using a keycard. You also won’t have to worry about unclaimed printed documents as every employee has a designated keycard, so you’ll be able to track who is the last user of the machine. You can also send your documents through email using the Xerox machine. Whatever sensitive information would only be between you and the receiver of your email without anyone knowing the contents of the documents. Having secure printing can let you work without stressing whether the following user would see the documents you printed because they can only see the documents they need to print.

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Xerox machines have a lot of models that you can explore and choose from, and they were all designed to be a good partner in your business to help you achieve the goals you want. They can make your workflow straightforward and efficient and make you more productive. If you need more information about their machines, you can contact the nearest service provider in your area. They can give you more details on the device you want or give you more options to choose from that may suit your needs in your business that could help you improve the workflow of your production.