3 Signs Your Copier Is Slow-Performing

3 Signs Your Copier Is Slow-Performing

If you have had your copier for years, you may have grown attached to it the way people get attached to objects that they are already used to having. However, you will need to ask yourself whether it is worth keeping your old copier at a certain point. Copiers are typically sold at a low price because manufacturers make their money by selling expensive ink cartridges, which means you may end up paying more for maintenance and repair than it would cost to purchase a whole new copier. You may have grown accustomed to the familiar sounds your copier makes, but keeping that copier may cost you money than it is worth. Ask yourself if your copier is still serving you or it requires you to service. Here are the signs that you have a slow-performing copier and you need a new one:

The printer cannot meet your needs.

The primary purpose of a copier is to print, copy, scan, and/or fax, depending on your model. Suppose your copier is no longer capable of meeting your needs. In that case, it is time to start looking for a device that can help keep up with your professional endeavors. You can tell that your printer does not meet your needs if it no longer gives you the page yield that you need can’t hold the paper capacity you need, and it ceases to function. 

A copier’s page yield does not change, but what was a reasonable page yield for you years ago may be far too low for your current needs. This can occasionally be remedied by choosing a toner cartridge or ink with a higher page yield. Still, not every cartridge model has a high-yield option. Remanufactured and compatible replacement cartridges typically carry a higher page yield than the OEM version, even though they advertise that they can match the OEM page yield. Check if your copier can still tackle your workload and meet your needs, your print needs may have evolved, and you may need a new copier that can keep up. 

You’re getting an unsatisfactory performance.

If you are constantly fighting the urge to swear at your copier, it may be a sign that your copier performs too slow for your liking, and you need an upgrade. Any device can have its flaws, and it may run slowly or perform imperfectly from time to time. However, if this is a near-daily struggle, you owe it to yourself to remove your old copier and get a new one. 

Slow print speed may result from simply having an older, slower copier model, or they can indicate that your internal components are failing. Either way, your time is valuable, and it may not be worth the hassle to keep using a slow copier. 

Print blemishes are usually caused by having a defective toner cartridge or ink. However, if you’ve changed the cartridge and are still not getting good print results, it is probably a sign that your copier is failing. Look for bars, lines, and marks that do not improve after changing the cartridge and cleaning the copier. 

Your printer is showing signs of breaking.

If you hear constant clicking or grinding sounds, these could indicate that you have a loose gear or roller inside your printer; of it, it could be a sign that your copier is slowly giving up. You can try troubleshooting with the manufacturer’s customer service line. Still, if you can’t find an easy fix, then you may need to call it a day for your copier. 

Another sign is excessive print malfunctions; these may be the clearest sign that your printer is not working. You can try replacing the toner cartridges or ink and perform manual cleaning of the copier. However, if you are still getting unsightly pages every time you print, you should consider scrapping your old workhorse copier. 

These are just three signs that you have a slow-performing copier. There could be other indications that you need to get a new copier, especially if you do not finish your tasks as you used to. If you are not ready to buy a new copier yet, you can always lease a new one.

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