How To Best Determine If You Need To Lease Additional Printers?

If you are running a busy company and would want to increase productivity rate, leasing printers for each department to use can be the key solution. However, it could be a big loss if after signing the leasing agreements, one or two of these departments are barely touching their assigned printers. The scenario is common in the business world. So before overspending on leasing contracts, make sure to evaluate the needs in the office first.

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What factors should be considered prior to leasing a printer?

It is ideal to purchase every office machine your business might need outrightly; however, some business owners find leasing a printer a practical option. If this picture looks more like your office situation, it would be best to assign an officer to partner with you in getting all the necessary things in place before contacting a leasing company.

What is the volume of your printing tasks?

Do not make a mistake of overspending on machines that will be barely utilized. The number of printers in the office does not necessarily equate to increased productivity rate. Assign a team to conduct an evaluation on each department, then. Gather and use this data to assess the needs of the business without underestimating the possible increase of production for marketing or any other reason.

Have you evaluated your cash-flow issues?

Avoid the possibility of getting into cash-flow issues. Remember, making a business decision requires proper analysis between the long term advantages and disadvantages. Always consider how your business is doing in terms of fixed payments and established credit. It is important to understand the needs of your business against the capacity of paying monthly expenses. Leasing more printers than you actually need is wasting money rather than expecting a return of investment.

Keep in mind that once you get into a lease agreement, you are bound to its contract. It means you cannot cancel one or two of these agreements just because you have just realized there is no need for the additional printers in those departments.

Did you think about the difference between buy-out and brand new?

Many of the leasing companies are offering options to businesses that are expecting to use the machines after the lease contract period. You can always discuss this possibility with the leasing company.

The buy-out is purchasing the machine after using it for a certain lease period for a price a bit lower compared to getting a new one. While leasing printers means getting full tax deduction, purchasing a unit means additional asset to the business and only a certain amount is deducted each year.

Purchasing a brand-new printer is also another option if the company requires additional machine to boost production. There are a lot of printers in the market and it won’t be long before you bump into the perfect machine suitable for your business needs. Of course, the prices would vary according to the features it offers. The higher the value of the printer, the more functions it can provide.

If your business does not always require high volume printing, only for some occasions, leasing printers is the best option. However, prior to getting into a contract, make sure you have made the necessary evaluation of your needs.