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Copier Leasing Is Practical For Small Business

A copier is one of the most valuable and essential office equipment. But in the case of small business owners, they need to have good fund management skills to prevent overspending. That is why most small businesses prefer leasing a copier instead of purchasing a brand-new one.

If you manage a small business, you may be asking yourself how to get a well-functioning copier without spending too much. Copier leasing services are a practical option for small business owners who can’t afford to pay the upfront cost of a brand-new copier.

If you ask if leasing a copier is practical for small businesses, you are in the right place.

Why Small Businesses Should Lease a Copier

Through leasing, small business owners can preserve credit and get copiers with much affordable upfront costs. You can acquire your desired office equipment by leasing without paying thousands of bucks upfront.

Many copier leasing companies do not require small business owners to give an expensive down payment. One of the benefits of leasing is that you can free up some money which you can use to improve the other areas of your business, including your customer support.

The following are the notable benefits that show the practicality of a copier lease.

Copier Leasing Is Practical For Small Business

Tax Benefits

Business owners these days are looking for effective ways to cut down their tax bills. In that case, leasing is a good option. When you buy a brand-new office machine, you are required to pay the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT). But this isn’t applicable in leasing. Aside from that, leasing a copier allows you to include the expenses under your business expenses without worrying about ways to deduce depreciation.

Small business managers know the importance of using a tax break obtained. Compared to purchasing a new copier, leasing a copier provides small businesses tax benefits. Renting an office machine allows you to determine the pre-tax business expenditure.

Maintenance And Services Are Offered 

In most cases, more than half of business owners worldwide don’t know how to repair a damaged copier. Instead of figuring out how to fix a broken office machine, you can use your time to complete other jobs.

You don’t have to worry about machine expenditure and repairs when you decide to lease a copier. When a copier shows signs of malfunctioning, you can contact the leasing company when the time comes. After that, the leasing company will send you a professional technician to handle the problem.

Eliminate Financial Responsibility

As mentioned earlier, small business owners don’t have enough money to afford the upfront cost of a copier. Aside from that, buying an office machine can also lead to an additional financial burden. All the important copier maintenance and repairs will be under your obligation when the manufacturer’s warranty is finished. This could cost you a lot, especially if the copier requires replacing components.

On the other hand, when you lease a copier, you don’t have the full responsibility to pay the necessary costs for maintenance and repairs. This is because the leasing company will handle all the expenses needed to maintain and keep the machine well-functioning.

Payment Plans

As mentioned, a down payment is not a requirement for most leasing companies. That is why it is a great choice for business owners with not enough money to afford the upfront cost of a new copier. After receiving the machine, any amount you pay will be under the rental payments.

Aside from that, most copier leasing companies will also allow you to choose the duration of your lease. This means that you can pay either monthly, quarterly or annually. Aside from that, leasing companies also offer flexible copier lease terms. If you plan to upgrade the contract, you can apply for a short term. You can also sign up for a longer lease if you need more affordable payments.

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