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Copier Promotes Better Office Workflow

Copiers and inkjets have a long-running history of being pitted against each other for the best machine for office tasks. Competitive businesses in Utah need a machine they can rely on to make their workflow smoother. Copiers are obviously the best choice for this aside from its general reputation of being a good business investment. Inkjets, on the other hand, are basically made for home-use. This is the only reason they are deemed budget printing tools for offices. 

Inkjets, in simple terms, are not designed to perform for business operations. Copiers, however, are built just exactly for the corporate world. The cost of copiers upfront, because deemed luxurious,  can always be negotiated through a copier lease deal. 

Copier lease Utah contracts allow businesses to negotiate flexible plans with their dealers according to their financial situation. It is even more secure to lease a copier than purchase one at a much cheaper alternative that cannot promise to last a year without issues. 

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Now that the pricing issues have been cleared, here are the reasons why copiers make workflow better than inkjets: 

Inkjets don’t have the simultaneous capacity. 

Copiers are all-in-one machines that can scan, copy, print, fax, and store documents all at once. Yes! The machine does not only cover all these tasks, but also does them simultaneously. Inkjets barely make it on time when performing a single task, say for instance a lot of pages to be printed. Also, most inkjets do not even possess half of the functions copiers perform. 

Multifunctionality can contribute a huge impact in making the office workflow better for businesses; the reason why they should not overlook that big gap between copiers and inkjets. Copiers may cost a little bit more upfront, but only because it is an investment that will make productivity in the office skyrocket as soon as you acquire one. The same cannot be said with inkjets, sadly. 

Inkjets don’t have connectivity options. 

Copiers can connect to different devices in different ways. There is Wi-Fi, cloud, smartphone applications, USB cable, Bluetooth, and integrations with office workflow. These options make it easy for people in the office to use their own devices or file storages to process important documents using the copier. There are a few instances when one storage is not available, let us say, a flash drive, and copies from other devices need to connect to the copier. Luckily, copiers have many options for connection now. 

Another thing that comes with this connection is that people can use their own devices as a remote control to the copier without getting out of their desks. Also, there are instances when there are people doing fieldwork who get urgent client requests that need the copier’s services. At least, with cloud, they can directly fax the documents remotely to the client fast and the task is accomplished. It is obvious that inkjets are far from half of these very convenient workflow-boosting networking options.

Inkjets are not multifunctional. 

Copiers hardly ever have any sort of malfunction, not even slight paper jams. That is because they are digital machines with no strings attached to ink and cartridge mechanisms. Inkjets are restricted to handle heavy-duty office tasks because its ink and cartridge system are designed for it. That is another big gap between the two machines. 

Paper jams, for instance, take precious minutes of work time just so it could be fixed and reprinting could be performed. Inkjets will not only have one of these jams in a whole year, so that steals a lot of valuable time for work. It is as if you will be paying the cheap upfront cost of the inkjet in the long run. It should never be the case for any business firm. Copiers will never disrupt the workflow that way or in any way even. Copiers were built specifically for heavy-duty office operations, so it is durable enough to stand any load of tasks. 

Copier lease Minneapolis dealers can easily be consulted to confirm these facts for you as well. Inkjets are just not ideal for office-use, unlike copiers whose main purpose is to make office workflow easier.