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Xerox VersaLink C405 Review

Xerox VersaLink C405 Review

The Xerox VersaLink C405 is an all-in-one printer that is reasonably fast and works really well. It comes with a wealth of amazing features, including a single-pass ADF or auto-duplexing automatic document feeder for unassisted, two-sided scanning. The printer has a paper input expandability. It also has a high-yield toner cartridge and a near-field communication or NFC for printing from tablets and smartphones. With scan, print, fax, and copy functionality, the VersaLink C405 is a capable all-in-one printer overall. 

You can configure the VersaLink C405 printer from a highly configurable 5-inch color-tablet-like touch screen display that comprises the whole control panel. The display lets you perform walk-up tasks like making copies or printing from your USB thumb drives or from the cloud drives through the port located on the left-front side of the chassis. Each user can configure his own collection of applications, as well as download applications from the App Gallery of Xerox. There are a lot of downloadable apps that give shortcuts to numerous functions. The Google Drive app lets you scan documents directly to your Google Drive folders. You can also download similar apps for Office 365, Dropbox and OneDrive. 

The VersaLink C405 printer has a 700-sheet paper input capacity that is split between a 550-sheet drawer and a 150-sheet multipurpose tray. If that is not enough, both AIOs let you add an additional 550-sheet tray, so you can have a total of 1,250 sheets, and both of them have the maximum monthly duty cycle of 80,000 pages, with recommended monthly print volumes of 2,000 pages to 6,000 pages. 

The Xerox Versalink C405 supports USB 3.0 and Ethernet connectivity. The Versalink C405’s other mobile connectivity features include Google Cloud Print, Apple AirPrint, Mopria, Xerox Mobile Cloud Print, Xerox Print Service Plug-In for Android, Xerox Mobile Print Solution and PrintByXerox. 

The Xerox Versalink C405 security features are very extensive. They include 256-bit encryption, audit log, access control, automatic self-signed certificate creation, user authentication, certificate path validation, IP address filtering, domain filtering, Secure Print for restricting function access by user or department, NFC smart card authentication with the purchase of an Optional Smart Card Enablement Kit and security certificates. 

The user-authentication feature allows the users to create and sign into his own individually configured control panel, while IP address filtering and domain filtering allow you to restrict access to the printer based on where on your network or on the internet the traffic is coming from. 

One of the Xerox Versalink C405 strengths is its print quality. The text comes out well-shaped and easy to read at all the sizes that were tested by experts. Even a small type, down to 4 points, was highly legible. The Versalink C405’s text quality is good enough for most business applications, even those that are meant to impress prospective clients. 

Graphics quality was also better than what experts have seen from most other printers in this class. The fills, including the darker ones, always come out solid and uniform throughout. The gradients flowed smoothly from one color or tint to the next, without any discernible stepping from one to the other. 

The hairlines printed visibly and unbroken from end to end, the Versalink C405 churned out amazing photos with accurate and bright colors and terrific details. The Xerox Versalink C405 ‘s default print mode is duplex or automatic two-sided printing. If you print 12 pages of simple formatted, all-black-text Microsoft Word document, the Versalink C405 churned at 14 pages per minute. When printing one-sided pages, the results were 36.7 pages per minute. 

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