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3 Ways To Make Yourself Feel Better While Completing Tasks

3 Ways To Make Yourself Feel Better

You wake up early in the morning, feeling refreshed after the great weekend you just had. You hung out with your friends, went to the mall, attended the best party you have ever had in your whole life, and probably met the love of your life. “This life rocks!” is what you have in mind. So, off the bed, you go, put on some slippers, and start to prepare your breakfast. Walking unto your fridge, you noticed one of the post-its you had placed at the door with your favorite refrigerator magnet. “Copier Minneapolis” is what it says. Yep, you kept that in your mind and stuck it on a refrigerator thinking that it would come in handy if you would need to lease or buy some printers.

As you walked to your office, or at least before you take a ride to work, you showed everyone the big smile you had and greeted everyone “Good Morning!” You opened the door and what surprised you are loads of paperwork handed over to you by your boss. Suddenly, you felt the pressure, and all the good things that happened to you within the day and from your weekend all felt like a dream that never actually happened. However, after giving yourself a deep breath, you cleared your mind and got a hold of yourself. All those things did happen, and you can do it all again. After work, that is.

Without any second thoughts, you went to your desk and started doing the tasks given to you; everything was at ease. Nothing went out of hand. Before you know it, it’s the end of the day and you are finished with your tasks. The question is, “How did you do that?”

Most people think that after seeing loads of work on top of their desks, it would mean that it is the end of their world, but what they don’t know is that it isn’t. There are a lot of tips on how you can handle situations such as this one. But through personal experience, the story above shows you 3 things that can be done to get all office tasks done on schedule.

Make Yourself Comfortable

In the mentioned story, you see breakfast, took a shower, greeted everyone and a boost of self-confidence by adorning oneself. By doing so, you are creating an environment positioned to push you to succeed. And with that in mind, no one can stop you.

Plan Ahead

As mentioned, the post-it on the fridge that says Copier Minneapolis is a reminder in case there would be a need to lease or buy affordable copier machines. By doing so, you can become one step ahead of all the emergencies that might hit you at any time.

Breathe and Reward Yourself

We all know how tough life is and how impossible work can be, given a lot of pressure by your boss, or your co-workers or simply just because of your work. However, after a hard day’s work, always remember to give yourself a pat on the back and tell yourself that you’ve done a pretty good job. Most people do this by going out with friends and their families. Others do it by buying themselves things that they want badly. All these do not only reward yourself but also give you motivation.

There are probably hundreds, even thousands of things you can do to finish office work on schedule. You can read books, search the web, and ask for advice.