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4 Rules for Leasing a Copier

Copier machines and office printers are expensive. If you lack funds to buy a copier for your office, you should consider copier leasing. A small copier machine costs around $1,500, but a commercial-grade machine costs ten times more. In this scenario, renting a copier is more cost-effective for small businesses. This option offers scalability, peace of mind, and flexibility. 

The leasing period usually lasts from three to five years. You’ll have a high-quality machine that can meet your demands during this period. But to make sure that you won’t be stuck with a suboptimal copier, here are some rules that you should follow when leasing a copier machine.

  1. Remove the Evergreen Clause

The Evergreen Clause keeps you responsible for twelve months of additional payments. Here’s how it works. You have to prepare a written notice if you want to end the contract between the last 90 and 120 days of your lease. This clause benefits copier companies because people usually end a contract with thirty days of notice. So if there’s an Evergreen Clause in your contract, make sure to have it removed.

  1. Include delivery, installation, setup, and training in the contract

Some business owners think copier leasing companies automatically include delivery, installation, setup, and training in the contract. You have to confirm it with the copier leasing service provider first. Usually, you can negotiate these terms with the company without too many issues. So before you sign any contract, make sure that it includes training, delivery, installation, and setup. That way, you won’t pay for these services.

4 Rules for Leasing a Copier
  1. Negotiate flat rates

Copier leasing allows business owners to control costs and save money. But here’s one of the most important things to remember when renting a copier machine. The payment structure shouldn’t include annual increases.

Many companies rent copiers with ten per cent annual increases even though they don’t upgrade their machines every year. If your contract has a clause like this, the monthly price you pay in a year could double by year five. So before signing anything, you should negotiate flat rates so that you won’t pay a hefty sum for a copier that you believed would remain flat. Another option is to look for a non-escalating lease. 

  1. Include a performance guarantee

Here’s a scenario. You still have years or months left on your lease, and the copier malfunctions often. However, you don’t have a performance guarantee in your contract. In that case, the copier leasing company will upgrade the copier early and transfer the remaining payment to the next contract.

Now, let’s say your contract includes a performance guarantee, and the copier lease company can’t fix the machine. If that happens, they will replace the copier with no extra charge for the duration of the lease. In other words,  you won’t be stuck with a copier that doesn’t work if your contract comes with a performance guarantee.

Copier machines are more than capable of copying and printing. Business applications and software solutions have it possible for these machines to fax and scan documents. Besides, you can download and install these tools to meet your demands. 

You’ll find copiers that can print both black & white and colour documents. Monochrome copier machines are cheaper than colour copiers since they can only print black & white copies, so you have to choose the best one that fits your needs. 

The best copier machine can improve your productivity and workflow significantly. However, operating a copier machine can be tricky without proper installation and training. Since it shouldn’t hinder your daily operations, make sure that you lease a copier machine from a reputable provider. 

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