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Envelope Feeder An Important Copier Feature

Before buying a piece of office equipment, you need to analyze the needs of your company first. If you are in the market for a copier that can address envelopes, you may also want to consider the difference between a laser printer and an inkjet printer, the speed with which you need your prints completed, the number of prints that you will perform per batch and the extra variables that are specific to the preferences of your business like wireless capabilities and print resolution. 

So what is an envelope feeder? An envelope feeder is a feeding solution for copiers at an affordable price. It is a printing job on a white envelope that can be paired with a copier to expand the digital envelope print by printing white to colored envelopes. 

This continuous envelope hopper that continually feeds the copiers from the bottom of the stack allows you to refill the envelopes while it prints what you need. It has been created for small printers. Feeding the copier on its bottom will enable you to refill the envelope stack from the top while the hopper becomes low, which makes it great for continuous black and white or colored digital print runs for envelopes. 

A small envelope feeder uses an innovative delivery table. It makes it easier to connect the envelope feeder and the printer. This is usually done by rolling the feeder up to the multipurpose tray and snapping it into position. The envelope feeder also uses guides to make the change between envelopes easy and fast, so it sets a new standard in terms of ease of use and flexibility. 

The separation feature of a copier allows window envelopes to feed without effort. It is suitable for small and large envelopes; the envelope feeder is made to make sure that the envelope production will have no interruption. 

Benefits of an envelope feeder:

  • It handles different types of envelopes and cardstock with ease
  • It comes with a paper guide for easy and fast setup.
  • It has numerous speed options that can help support different envelope sizes. 
  • The window envelopes have a buckle separator that makes it easy and effective to use, and it does not need fine-tuning.
  • No electrical or mechanical interface, the feeder needs to roll into a position to start running. 

By locating the guides, the feeder will be locked into position with the printer for good print registration. The consistent shingle stream of the feeder guarantees that the envelopes will be delivered at the highest quality and fastest printing speed with huge print runs when it comes to digital printing. The speed can be adjusted based on the speed of the copier, and a sensor can control it. 

The envelopes from C6 to C4 with numerous features can be fed and can be printed continuously, even if a self-adhesive envelope is used. The feeder can be adjusted with just a few, easy steps. This allows a short setup time for the feeder and a fast change of format is also done without needing a tool. 

When the envelopes are printed, the fast setup times, the easy operation and the high performance can increase the output when the envelopes are done through the digital printing methods. Also, the envelope feeder may be refilled during the printing process, but if it is not refilled immediately, there is an empty running check that can be used as an optional add-on. 

If you want to use a colored printer for more than just printing envelopes, you can look for other important capabilities that concern your business needs. If you think you need to print on special types of media like photos, scrapbooks or fine art paper, you may want to verify that your needs are met in the Paper Types section of the listed specs in your copier.

If the print quality is what you are looking for, you need to pay more attention to high-resolution copiers. You can check on the dots per inch or pixels per inch. If wireless printing is what you need, then you need to make sure that your copier has that option before you buy a copier. 

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