Do’s and Don’t of Printers Maintenance

Olivetti d-Color MF2552 Plus | EBM

You don’t have to purchase the most expensive printer to avoid repair. You also don’t need the smartest employees to operate it for your office needs. To avoid having to deal with printer repairs and problems, one only needs two words: Preventive Maintenance. It is called preventive, exactly for the purpose of avoiding future problems and troubles caused by poor maintenance habits of office printers.

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If you are clueless about how to proceed with the maintenance, simply want to refresh and retrain your memory as regards printer care, here are the most basic do’s and don’ts to remember:


1. Clean your printer regularly! It would be best if there is a specific period upon which the printers are scheduled to be cleaned. It is also best to give special attention to all areas of the printer that gets dusty or grimy and then place it in a location that gets it the least chance of accumulating dirt. There are specific cleaning instructions provided for in the manuals of the printer which you can use to train your people as regards proper printer care. When you have people who know how to maintain the machine fitly, they will also know the value of using the machine properly thereby extending its excellent performance life span.

2. Make sure to repair any malfunctioning parts right away. Any unusual actions and happenings regarding your printer will tell you that there is now a need to repair it or parts of it. If you can’t be so sure but wants to be so, it would also be beneficial for your company to hire a professional service provider who can do the job for you for a minimal fee. Doing this ensures that only trained people will touch your machine.


1. Don’t ignore notifications of the machine telling you it needs servicing. May it be for cleaning, refilling, or errors in printing, there must be an urgency to bring the matter to an expert. Delaying it, on the other hand, will simply worsen the situation and worst, the printer will simply take away your chance for servicing because the damage would have already reached the status of being irreparable or beyond-repair.

2.  Don’t ever use materials that are not printer-specific whenever you do self-maintenance. This includes harsh cleaning materials like polishers and soap that are not made for printer cleaning use and made instead for other stubborn dirt.

3. Don’t use fake and low-class “refillables” and “replaceable.” Although it is understood that these are all cheaper than the original, it is not made with precision and is not tailor fit to the specifications of the printer. Thus, instead of getting to save money, your expenses will only get worse because using fake and “class-a” parts or ink will ruin your printer in the long run.